S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A JCB 200 (20 T) 1 No.
B Excavator 20 Mt Under management 15 Nos.
C JCB 4 DX 2 Nos.
D L&T Backhoe Loader 1 No.
E JCB 3 DX Super 1 No.
F Bull Backhoe Loader 2 Nos.
G AMW Dumper (16m3) 1 No.
H Dumper (16m3) under management 40 Nos.
I Dozer(Under management 4 Nos.
J Motor Grinder 2 Nos.
K Vibrator Compaction 2 Nos.
L Tractor with Trolly 5 Nos.
M Water tanker 6 Nos.
N Water tanker (Under management) 4 Nos.
O Road Roller 8/10 MT 2 Nos.

Concreting Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Concrete Pump (Greaves Make) 35 m3/hrs 2 Nos.
B Concrete Mixers 32 Nos.
C Grouting Machines 5 Nos.
D Vibrators with frequency changers 70 Nos.
E Weigh Batchers for controlled concrete 8 Nos.
F Hoists for lifting concrete & other materials 6 Nos.
G Plat form Weighing Machine 80 MT 1 No.
H Batching & Mixing Plant (Capacity 20 m3/hrs) 4 Nos.
I Batching & Mixing Plant (Capacity 30 m3/hrs) 3 Nos.

Slip Form Shuttering for Chimney

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Yoke legs (Complete) 64 Nos.
B Hydraulic Power Packs 6 Nos.
C 6 Ton Mg. Jacks/ 12 Tone Jacks 121 Nos.
D Double drum Winches 6 Nos.
E Single Dum Winch (For reinforcement Steel) 6 Nos.
F Strand Jack 20 t Capacity 16 Nos.
G Walkie Talkie sets (Licensed) 4 Nos.
H Trusses and Platform 6 Set

Erection Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A 12 MT Hydra Crane (ACE Make) 2 Nos.
B 14 MT Hydra Crane (ACE Make) 1 No.
C Mobile Tower Crane (ACE Make) 2 Nos.
D Mobile Tower Crane (Omega Make) 1 No.

Dewatering Equipment & Pumps

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Pumps : Capacity 3 HP to 10 HP (Size 3”x 3” & 2” x 2”) 25 Nos.
B High Speed Pumps upto 250 Ft. 4 Nos.
C Pump capacity 40 HP 2 Nos.
D High Head Pump set (For Curing) 7 Nos.

Shuttering Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Steel Plates shuttering (Flat & Curved) 12000 M2
B Plywood Shuttering 6000 M2
C Steel Adjustable Beams 200 Nos.
D Special Wall Shuttering 1000 M2

Centring Material

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Tabular Steel Centering 24000 Mtrs.
B Wooden Bally 10000 Mtrs.
C Adjustable Props 1000 Mtrs.
D Jacks 2000 Nos.
E H-Frames, 2 m height 1000 Nos.
F Clamps 20000 Nos.
G Channel of various sizes 6000 RM

Workshop & Miscellaneous Equipments

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Diesel Generating Sets 62.5 KVA Capacity 1 No.
B D.G. Set KVA capacity 6 Nos.
C D.G. Set 82.5 KVA 3 Nos.
D D.G.Set 30 KVA 1 No.
E Grinders of all sizes 6 Nos.
F Platform Drill Machines 7 Nos.
G Hand Drill Machines 10 Nos.
H Standard Penetration Test Equipment 2 Sets
I Cut off Machine 4 Nos.
J MTrimix Flooring Machine 1 No.
K Chipping Hammer 8 Nos.
L Drill Machine 10 Nos.
M Grinder Machine 6 Nos.
N Steel Cutting Machine 6 Nos.
O Chain Pully Block 8 Nos.

Fabrication & Erection Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Peg Cutting Machines 4 Nos.
B Gas Cutting Torches 15 Nos.
C Electric 5 Tonne Winch 2 Nos.
D Electric 2 Tone Winch 6 Nos.
E Electric Winches of smaller capacity 4 Nos.
F Hand Winch Machine 2 Nos.
G Welding Machine 30 Nos.
H Welding Rectifier 8 Nos.

Transport BackUp

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Jeeps 5 Nos.
B Cars 10 Nos.
C Motor Cycle & Scooters 15 Nos.

Field Laboratory & Testing, Measuring & Inspection Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A 100 tones Compression testing machine 10 Nos.
B Providing rings complete with dial gauge & Calibration Charts 1 No.
C Total Station 5 Nos.
D Laser Plumb 1 No.
E Load Frames-5 tones capacity 8 Nos.
F Sieves for coarse & fine aggregate 4 Nos.
G Physical & Laboratory balances with weights 4 Nos.
H Cylindrical Containers (10 lit., 5 lit. & 1 lit.) 5 Nos.
I Electric Ovens 3 Nos.
J Pyrometers 6 Nos.
K Crushing value test apparatus Cylinder with Plunger & Base plate 3 Nos.
L Rapid Moisture meter with dishes 8 Nos.
M Cubes Moulds 15 x 15 x 15 cm 280 Nos.
N Vicat Needle apparatus with & needle 4 Nos.
O Core cutter, Hammer & Proctor Mould etc. for Soil testing 5 Nos.
P Trowels, Trays, Straight Edge & Trimming 4 Nos.
Q Sieve shaker, Flakiness test gauge & tools 4 Nos.
R Theodolites 20 second accuracy 12 Nos.
S Leveling M/C Auto Level 10 Nos.
T Cube Testing Machine 6 Nos.
U Cube Mould 120 Nos.
V Slump cone and Sieve Set 13 Nos.
W Equipment for slump test 8 Nos.

Safety Equipment

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Helmets 600 Nos.
B Gloves 250 Pairs
C Boots 700 Pairs
D Safety Glasses 12 Nos.
E Welding Helmets 20 Nos.
F Ladders - Steel, Wooden 120 Nos.
G Safety belts 250 Nos.
H Safety Lock 7 Nos.
I Safety Net 1800 Sqm
J Safety Rope Ladder 380 RM
  (i) Safety Signs in florescent colors All Signs
  (ii) Pictorial warning Boards All Signs

Fire Extinguishers

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Fire Extinguisher 15 Nos.
B Sand Buckets 30 Nos.

List of Electrical & Testing Equipments

S.no Machinery Name Total Number
A Welding Set 15 Nos.
B Rectifier Set 12 Nos.
C Meggar – 5 KV (Digital) 4 Nos.
D Meggar 500 Volt (Digital) 1 No.
E Clamp Tester 2000 Amp 1 No.
F Clamp Tester (Mill Amp) 1 No.
G Centre Zero Amp Motor 1 No.
H Jack with shaft (for cable drum) 1 No.
I Turn Table 1 No.
J Crimping Tools 95 RZ 1 No.
K Crimping Tools up to 2000 Amp 1 No.
L Power HAXA 1 No.
M Dril Machine ( Various size) 10 Nos.
N Ceiling Rassa (Various Size) 1 Set
O Chain Pully Block 5 Nos.
P Pipe Bending Machine 2 Nos.
Q Mankey 3 Set
R ‘D’ Cycle (Various Size) 1 Set
S P P Rope (Various Size) 4000 Mtr
T Double Sheeve Pully 30 Nos.
U Single Sheeve Pully 25 Nos.
V Ferrul Printing Machine 2 Nos.